Rosso Sicilian Tomato Seeds

Rosso Sicilian


Thanks for stopping by! There are many websites out there and we appreciate your visiting us. The full description of this product is shown below. Our seeds are available in 3 sizes.

The Packet is the perfect size for most home gardeners; the number of seeds in each Packet is plainly shown. The number of Packets you purchase determines your price for each Packet. The best price — only $1.99 for each Packet — is reached when you purchase 16 Packets.

The PakPlus is ideal for very serious hobbyists or even small commercial growers. It usually contains 3 to 5 times the number of seeds in a Packet.

Finally, the ProPak is for greenhouses and other professional growers. It contains 8 to 10 times the number of seeds in a Packet.The number of seeds is clearly shown for both the PakPlus and the ProPak.

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Product Description

Rosso Sicilian Tomato Seeds

Packet = 30 Seeds | PakPlus = 300 Seeds | ProPak= 600 Seeds

80 days. An Italian heirloom with crayfish-red, ribbed, 6- oz. fruits. Slices look like red-petaled flowers. Firm, meaty flesh is ideal for tomato sauce or paste. Handle carefully, skin bruises easily. Determinate.


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