Seeds & Shipping Don’t Have to Cost So Much!

Jerry Wayne Hilton

Thanks for visiting my new website that proves that seeds and shipping don't have to cost so much! While the website is new, I'm an old hand at selling seeds through the mail. For decades I owned venerable R. H. Shumway's, a catalog that specialized in heirlooms, particularly tomatoes. It was so successful that in 1993 I launched a new catalog titled Totally Tomatoes, solely for tomato and pepper seeds.

I’ve used that experience to create my new Seeds ‘n Such catalog and website, where no seed packet costs over $2.79. If you mix and match 16 packets or more, the price drops to only $1.99 a packet! Couple this with a low, flat shipping charge of only $2.75, and I believe you'll agree we found the perfect combination of low prices and affordable shipping charges! Please review my website now and if any questions arise, you can always write me at

Happy Gardening,

J. Wayne Hilton, Owner

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